Download 100 Fresh and Fun Handmade Cards: Step-by-Step Instructions by Kimber McGray PDF

By Kimber McGray

Swivels, Pop-Ups, Spinners, Shakers, Sliders and extra: home made playing cards Have by no means Been lots Fun!

Why accept simply any previous greeting card in case you could make your family think much more precise with a home made card? 100 clean and enjoyable home made Cards deals incredible card idea and how-tos which are superb. writer Kimber McGray and choose participants proportion a massive number of types and designs with a hundred playing cards: 50 fast and lovable playing cards for each get together and 50 interactive or dimensional playing cards in response to the short card designs.

Inside you'll find:
• crucial options for cardmaking, together with easy-to-follow instructions for developing card bases, penny sliders and pop-ups.
• playing cards for each social gathering, from birthdays and vacations to important events and basic greetings.
• Interactive or dimensional playing cards with components that pop-up, shake and spin, and an grand number of present card holders.

Let 100 clean and enjoyable home made Cards prepared the ground to greetings that dazzle!

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Read or Download 100 Fresh and Fun Handmade Cards: Step-by-Step Instructions for 50 New Designs and 50 Amazing Alternatives PDF

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