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By Marcia Akins, Andy Kramek, Rick Schummer, John Hosier

If you are going to exploit VFP for greater than informal GUI alterations in your software, this ebook is a wealth of information. Concise, in-depth, and a stunning addition on your assortment.

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The –R switch does not update the settings controlled through Visual FoxPro's Options Dialog. This is only done when 'Set As Default' is used to exit the dialog). EXE –R -T Configuration files There are several ways of handling the initialization of Visual FoxPro, but the easiest, and most flexible, is still to use a configuration file. FPW" by default, as the source for a number of environmental values which can be set as the system starts up. fpw file The actual file name does not matter as you can specify the configuration file which Visual FoxPro is to use as a command line parameter by using the '-c' switch in the command line which is used to start Visual FoxPro.

G. MultiLocks) you really need to do it in the DataEnvironment's BeforeOpenTables() code – anything else is just too late because the DataSession is already present, with tables open, by the time the first form based method (Load()) fires. This presents a problem because a VFP Form class doesn't have a DataEnvironment, so you cannot just add code to the class from which you create your forms. There are really only two solutions if you have to use the form's DataEnvironment, and both require code, or more specifically some action in every instance of a form: • • Add the relevant code (or a call to a Procedure) to every form's BeforeOpenTables() event Don't allow the native DataEnvironment to open your tables automatically.

And call the OpenTables() method explicitly from within the Form Load() 16 1001 Things You Always Wanted to Know About Visual FoxPro Adding code to BeforeOpenTables() This is very simple, but must be done in every instance of the form. Simply open the Form DataEnvironment in the designer and add whatever environmental settings you require directly to the BeforeOpenTables method. Alternatively you could place the relevant code in a procedure and call it from the method or create an environment setting class (see below) and instantiate it using the Form's AddObject() method.

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