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By Francine Ward

During this age of speedy gratification, severe makeovers, and fleeting good fortune, Francine Ward deals a decidedly unconventional method of gaining vainness. incomes it. How? With dedication, honesty, and such a lot of all, day-by-day perform. Fifty-Two Weeks of Esteemable Acts is a software of motion designed by way of a girl who reworked her personal lifetime of habit, crime, and disorder into one among outstanding integrity, provider, and fulfillment. How? throughout the practices of esteemable acts.

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We want the results, but we don’t want to do what it takes to get there. We start a project, stop, start again, and then want to rest. It’s hard to stay focused on the task at hand—even if it’s something we say we want. Another thing that gets in our way is the need to do everything yesterday. Almost without exception, my clients come to me in need of motivation. They’ve spent months and, in some cases, years doing nothing. Then, all of a sudden, they are inspired to take action. The problem is they then want to do everything yesterday.

Self-esteem is not the destination. It’s what happens to you along the way to living a courageous, purposeful, service-driven life. The destination is only a place; it’s the journey along the way that builds character. It’s what you make of your learning that defines how you feel about yourself. Self-esteem comes from doing esteemable acts. You can’t think your way into right living; you must act your way into right thinking. Self-esteem comes from behaving in a way that makes you feel good about yourself, which means being mindful of how you treat yourself and how you treat others.

Remind yourself that every action counts. ” Pray for support, and then use it. This week, you’re invited to work on the small actions, to focus on the baby steps that will get you where you want to be. DAY 2 Identify a task or a goal you’ve avoided because it seems too big to handle. 2-mile marathon. Maybe it’s building your new dream house, planning your family vacation or your wedding, studying for a test, or starting a new business. Maybe it’s simply cleaning out the attic that you’ve long avoided, starting that exercise plan you’ve talked about, writing that book, or saving for a new car.

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