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Being a girl, elevating childrens, succeeding in a management position and residing an entire lifestyles is still a tall order in sleek Australia for those who do not occur to be impressive. Being a lady on a board, operating an ASX most sensible –listed corporation, or operating a central authority division is still an exception instead of the norm. regardless of the development made in the direction of a fairer place of work, within the dialogue concerning the loss of ladies on forums or the dimensions of the distance among males and women's pay, drained excuses are recycled. Catherine Fox labels those the seven myths approximately girls and paintings.

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It’s a very elitist idea. How can you get to merit when you are not in the door? All the way through your career you are disadvantaged and can’t get that merit that will make you on an equal par as a man. The problems women face are more complex, and even those who get to the stage of identifying and applying for a board role may run up against indirect barriers. ’ Insidious and persistent as the concept of merit can be, there is some good news; bald statements that ‘our business is a meritocracy’ are finally starting to wear thin.

I figured it was important to make those connections clear, to accentuate the harm from letting one set of misconceptions fuel another. Many of these themes have been tackled in ‘Corporate Woman’ and in the pages of the Financial Review, so I have incorporated a number of my columns and articles throughout the book, also using some of the case studies that caught my eye at the time or pertinent interviews. Debunking the myths has also involved taking a closer critical look at some of the current business efforts to address ‘diversity’ – an unfortunate corporate euphemism that avoids mentioning women or gender (see myth 1).

The downside of the cosy feeling of togetherness is that everyone is less vigilant and more vulnerable to bad and dangerous decisions,’ according to Margaret Heffernan. But there are other dangers from a cosy homogenous team: because they become so sure of the superiority of their perspective they are more prone to demonise outsiders or dissenters. ‘In most organisations the good team player is implicitly defined as the person who goes along with the team, not the one who asks hard questions. ’ A few years ago, as the Halifax Bank of Scotland (HBOS) was teetering on the brink of collapse, Heffernan was running a panel discussion about board governance in London that included the HBOS chair, Dennis Stevenson.

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