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Завершая выкладывать (имеющееся у меня) публикации о японских ВВС времен Второй мировой войны, предлагаю вниманию заинтересованных читателей англоязычное издание о самолете A6M 0. Выпуск богато иллюстрирован, и даже слабо разбирающиеся в английском языке читатели найдут для себя что-то интересное. Дополнительную пикантность публикации придает то, что автор текста и части иллюстраций - японец.

Ещё о A6M Zero:
Война в воздухе № three: A6M Zero

Ещё о японских ВВС на сайте:
Война в воздухе № four: Японские асы. Армейская авиация.
Война в воздухе № 15: Японские асы. Морская авиация.
Война в воздухе № 23: Ki forty three Hayabusa. Основной истребитель японских ВВС. Часть1
Война в воздухе № 24: Ki forty three Hayabusa. Основной истребитель японских ВВС. Часть2
Война в воздухе № 25: D3A Val, B5N Kate Ударные самолеты японского флота.

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When attacking an enemy aircraft near Kharkov one of the Yaks was hit and forced down, and Tvelenev landed alongside and helped the pilot to get aboard his LaGG through a fuselage hatch. The aircraft took off under the noses of the approaching enemy. Many dramatic incidents were experienced by Pavel Golovachev when flying combat missions on LaGG-3s in the summer of 1942. By the end of the war he had scored 31 victories, and he was twice decorated with the state's highest award. In one air combat the lieutenant was shot up by a Messerschmitt.

Many defects in design and manufacture had not been corrected. 21, Gorkii. Top right: Initial La-5 production utilised LaGG-3 airframes. Above: An early production La-5 in service with the Valery Chkalov squadron of the 159th Fighter Regiment. Yakovlev Yak-6 twin-engined transport in the background. 8mph (30 to 40km/h). As a result, on 25th September 1942 the State Defence Committee issued an edict requiring that the La-5 be lightened, and that its performance and operational characteristics be improved.

To return to Yakovlev's book: 'Stalin telephoned me again in the first half of January 1942. After making inquiries about the work, he said that the State Committee for Defence had decided to convert the Siberian plant completely to Yaks and move the production of LaGG-3s to another venue. The factory was to cancel all work associated with LaGG production immediately, and set up a moving production line for the Yak-T. 'He said that Yaks and LaGGs were similar in performance, but that pilots preferred Yaks.

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