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The acclaim for this sequence of Compends demonstrates that they provide a long-felt wish. From a substantial adventure as a quiz-master of clinical scholars and a instructor of anatomy, the author has noticeable the advantages of those, and has endeavored to sup ply for college students of veterinary anatomy and body structure a piece which might solution their wishes not just as a text-book, but additionally for paintings within the dissecting-room.

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For attachment of hgaments and cartilages. The itiferior extremity shows An external tuberosity, with a vertical fissure for the lateral extensor of the phalanges. An internal tuberosity, with an obHque channel for the oblique flexor of phalanges. An articular surface for the astragalus, two antero-posterior depressions, separated by a median elevation. Above, two oval Articulations, ; 4. Fefuur, patella, fibula and astragalus. THE FIBULA OR PERONEUS. The fibula a rudimentary is articulating with it bone lying outside the tibia and alone.

Two supporting fasciculi from coracoid process to head of humerus. The muscles in relation to joint are 1. In front, coraco-radial. 2. Behiiid, large extensor of forearm Outside, short abductor of 4. Inside, subscapularis. 3. and teres minor. arm and postea spinatus. Action. Abduction, adduction, flexion, extension, rotation and circumduction. HUMERO- RADIAL. Ginglymus, between inferior extremity of humerus and upper extremity of ulna and radius. Ligaments. Anterior, from humerus above articular surface to anterior part of radius.

THE ISCHIUM. The ischium hes behind the pubes and ilium, and is the smallest of the three portions. It has two surfaces, a superior or pelvic, smooth, and an inferior, rough, fot/r borders and four angles. The anterior border bounds the obturator foramen, the posterior diverging forms the sciatic arch, and shows the ischiatic spine. The external is concave, forming the lesser sciatic notch. The internal unites with the opposite to form the ischial symphysis. The antero-external angle forms part of the cotyloid cavity ; the antero-internal unites v\'ith the pubis ; the postero-external forms an enlargement, the tuberosity ; the postero-internal unites with the opposite.

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