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As I listen to Sharon's 5tOry, ] let myself leam that what I am doing with this book is letting my own heart be opened, letting myself be touched and healed by those who Byron has loved back to life. These people who come to me with their stories are my teachers. Humility feels more appropriate than professionalism here. I'd do well to hear in the ringing of the phone, as Byron does. the voice of God. "Anyw-ay," Sharon continues, HJ did give Katie a call the very next day and asked her if she would help me.

She does not impose. On another day, the group visited an Indian museum al the site of an ancient cave-dwelling people. The group had scattered throughout the museum viewing artifacts when Carol realized she was not doing what she wanted to do. She wanted to be with Katie. But the prospect of disturbing Katie verged on the impossible. Carol had grown up in the South. Politeness, being proper, holding back her own impulses and desires in ordcl' to assure the comfort of others were values deeply instillecl.

She lay under her bed, in rage. in terror, completely afraid-and then she lay there in wonder over a cockroach and there was no rear, anywhere. When she speaks to me of dramas, dreams, mythologies, 1 know immediately what she means. I thought the eflorting was a responsibility, something T was oound to do, a way of caring for myself. I dung to this belief despite my experience that it never worked; it always made my life miserable and increased my fear. I fIgured I had failed at thinking my way out of a problem.

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