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By John Ackerman

'...continuously illuminating and a true excitement to read...John Ackerman presents what needs to be the main entire and balanced account of the guy and his work.' John Haris, Planet 'As nature is all we've, and all i'm is a guy, i am really drawn to guy and nature' declared Dylan Thomas in 1952, and the position of nature is the main concentration within the interpretation of the poetry during this booklet. Nature is obvious as the most important either in picking his poetic originality and the pantheistic imaginative and prescient of his later paintings. The publication presents the 1st distinctive account of Thomas's profession and improvement as a prose author, commenting on his paintings in motion pictures, on radio, in addition to his tales and letters.

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The lives of the boy and girl would continue individually - there would be school and school associations for both of them - but their domestic closeness and their sleeping together would blend the two individual lives in one and would keep both brains and bodies perpetually clean. 37 On Armistice Day 1933, when he was just nineteen, Dylan Thomas wrote with what may seem surprising vigour and political commitment on the subject of war and its aftermath. His comments on the need for revolution and what Auden might have termed 'new styles of architecture, a change of heart' are impressive for their vitality and clarity of purpose and expression.

52 They were 'slightly drunk, slightly dirty, slightly wicked, slightly crazed' he wrote in an early lettcr to Bert Trick,53 and complained of 'the most boring bohemian parties' in this 'quarter of the pseudo-artists'. Yet dearly he was having a good time drinking in the pubs of Chelsea and Soho, revelling in the bohemian life of the metropolis and seeking what new experiences were on offer, not unlike Samuel Bennet in Adventures ill the Skill Trade, Thomas's unfinished novel on the picaresque adventures of a young Welshman on his arrival in London.

The further away we were from London and the bleaker the landscape, the better it was for him . . ,73 After his day's stint 'It is time for the Black Lion', as he wrote in his humorous poem 'New Quay' where 'I sat at the open window, observing the salty scene', for the pub looks down on the busy quay and seascape. P. Taylor. For a year the Thomases lived in a one-room cottage in the garden of their house, then in a larger cottage at South Leigh, again provided by Margaret Taylor, together with a caravan in which Thomas could write.

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