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H) The great depression between this coastal range and the Mysian forest country to the south is roughly 80-90 miles long by 5-15 miles in width. , drained by easy valleys and broken by low hills rising to 600 or 700 ft. Between the Manyas Gol and the Abulliond Gol is the \videst part of the depression and here the ground is some low marshy in places. It is practically flat except on the east side of the Manyas plain. Patches of the flat, mosth' east of the 8usurlu Chai, are broken by undulations 200-300 ft.

This southern shore is flooded and affords rank pasture and waterfrequently meadows for the herds of buffaloes which graze on it. Fishing on the lake is carried on by Cossacks. The fish taken include pike, carp, and a large variety of unknown These are salted in large numbers for export. species. surrounds it, treeless except Abulliond Gol (anc. Artynia) is about 100 sq. miles in extent and This sheet of water much more picturesque than the Manyas Gol, owing to the proximity of the hills and the wooded islands Avhich stud its It is very shallow near the shore, at any rate in the surface.

The chief of these are, on the west, various south bank tributaries of the Maeander, such as the Ak Chai, Dandala 8u and China Chai, and the Bakyr Chai, and on the north the Trojan rivers. fairly large Menderez Chai, the Bigha Chai, Gonen Chai, Avshar Chai, and Ulfer Chai. Dalaman Chat (anc. Indus) The northern branch of this river, the ancient Kazanes, Khonas Dagh, and flowing south-east through the marshy plain of Kara Oyiik Bazar, is fed by a main tributary which comes from the high-lying valley of Khoros and Gone rises in the through a gorge in the eastern ridge.

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