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By Louise du Toit

This booklet deals a severe feminist standpoint at the extensively debated subject of transitional justice and forgiveness. Louise Du Toit examines the phenomenon of rape with a feminist philosophical discourse pertaining to women’s or ‘feminine’ subjectivity and selfhood. She demonstrates how the hierarchical dichotomy of male lively as opposed to woman passive sexuality – which obscures the genuine nature of rape – is embedded within the dominant western symbolic body. via a Hegelian and phenomenological analyzing of first-person debts through rape sufferers, she excavates an realizing of rape that still starts off to open up a fashion out of the denial and destruction of girl sexual subjectivity.

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Sacrifice attempts to but cannot fi nally succeed in unravelling the antinomy and in reducing the ambiguous to the unequivocal. ‘Sacrifice’, therefore, ‘concerns a cleansing that cannot rid itself of impurity’. In this context I see the sacrifice of the feminine or female other as an ultimately unsuccessful attempt to deal with (endure) sexual difference and ambiguity by reducing everything to the masculine universal and its deviants. Rape understood as a sacrificial act seems to be key in the founding moment of the western polis, and also now of the new South Africa.

To be able to tell her tears from those of Ulysses. Not because they were weeping the same loving tears, but because she took part in his quest for love for himself. If women have this constitutive but borderline, excessive position vis-àvis the real and realistic processes of politics, reconciliation and forgiveness, keeping open through their noninclusion and systematic violation a reminder of pure forgiveness, but paying the price amongst other things in that their forgiveness cannot even be asked, then should women resist or rather embrace this feminine, patriarchally apportioned, position as place holders for the beyond of the masculine symbolic?

Or, he could logically force intercourse with both her will and consent. , it must be proven by the state that he could not mistakenly have presumed that consent was in fact given) implies in effect that the woman must be able to show that, not only was consent withheld, the intercourse was unambiguously forbidden or resisted.

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