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By Richard F. Newcomb

A Pictorial historical past of the Vietnam battle.

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The rest of 1961 was crowded with action. Jungle Jim, the Air Force commandos, began staging out to Vietnam in October, and by December the outfit was complete at Bien Hoa airfield, just north of Saigon; 151 men and sixteen planes eight T-28s, four SC-47s, and four RB-26s. All aircraft carried the markings of the Vietnamese Air Force. In addition, the USAF flew out four RF-lOls for reconnaissance over Vietnam and Laos. The subterfuge was that Saigon had invited them to take part in an air show.

When the Thailand bases were needed, they were ready. in Southeast Asia. By 1957, President Washington and Dulles. Diem 's regime seems officially to be progressing so well that he is invited to welcomed by President Eisenhower and Secretary of State THE EISENHOWER YEARS By 1957, the United States was beginning regime, and in a spirit of euphoria invited President He came some confidence to feel Diem 1954-60 in the Diem to visit the United States. May, conferred with Eisenhower, addressed a joint session of Congress, received the ritual ticker-tape parade up Broadway, and left for home in ten days.

Two position, helicopters Walt Whitman Rostow brought him a pessimistic report from Vietnam written by Colonel Lansdale graft, corruption, poor leadership. After reading it, the President said to Rostow, "This is the worst yet. " Ike's timing was right; trouble came first in Laos, a bewildering little country about the size of Wyoming. But, weeks after Kennedy took office — by accident of geography, Laos was a cockpit for the world's most powerful adversaries, the United States and the Soviet Union.

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