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By Jonathan C. Smith PhD

Leisure is the world's most well liked therapy--used by means of extra psychologists, counselors, social staff, and rehabilitation experts than the other instrument. ABC rest concept bargains a brand new therapy approach by way of proposing and embellishing the effectiveness of present leisure remedies into an strategy adapted to every purchaser. according to the main formidable medical exploration of rest (20 reports and 5,000 matters from all cultures and walks of life), Smith provides a few of his groundbreaking findings, together with the 1st demonstration and replication of transformations between African americans, Latinos, and Whites; women and men; people with non secular and secular ideals methods; and extra. His paintings is very readable, functional, and entire and may entice scientific psychologists, psychotherapists, and scholars of psychology.

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2. This is a theory, not a hypothesis or model. Hypotheses and models are simple things, identifying one or two variables with a relatively simple relationship. Theories are complex, identifying many interacting variables and permitting numerous complex, often unidentified hypotheses. Compare the frustration-aggression hypothesis with Freud's theory. Most relaxation researchers appropriately refer to Benson's (1975) relaxation response hypothesis and the cognitive-somatic specificity hypothesis.

Breathing and yoga stretching exercises provide a clear simple target stimulus, sensations associated with the flow of breath and the slow moving and stretching of joints and striated muscles. Passivity is indirectly encouraged. Forced, effortful breathing, panting, or holding of one's breath are to be avoided. Practitioners of yoga avoid rapid or extremely effortful stretching. In addition, many yoga stretches can be achieved by ceasing deliberate effort (letting one's head hang to the chest rather than forcing one's head down).

Such complex treatments should work better for symptoms with complex etiologies. For example, generalized anxiety has somatic, cognitive, and autonomic components. It might respond better to a combination of yoga stretching, breathing, and meditation than to stretching alone. Similar combinations might be appropriate for many forms of pain, depression, and substance abuse. One limitation of this hypothesis is that most symptoms have 28 ABC Relaxation Theory multiple and complex etiologies, suggesting that combination treatments may often be the intervention of choice.

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