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By Christopher Dewdney

We arrange for it every one night, and spend part our lives in its embody, but evening keeps its mysteries. In conversant in THE evening, writer and poet Christopher Dewdney takes readers on a desirable trip during the nocturnal realm. Twelve chapters correspond to the twelve hours of an 'ideal' evening, beginning at 6pm and finishing at 6am, and function issues of departure for night's significant subject matters; from sunsets, nocturnal animals, bedtime tales, fairs of the evening, fireworks, nightclubs, astronomy, sleep and desires, to the graveyard shift, girls of the evening, the artwork of evening, and never-ending nights. With boundless interest, a lyrical, intimate tone, and one eye on night-time beauties either usual and artifical, Dewdney paints an enthralling portrait of the dead nights.

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This part of night-rise, the deepening and rising of the penumbra and the end of civil twilight, lasts perhaps ten, possibly fifteen minutes at most, at least at our latitude, because once the earth's shadow angles up into the sky, night-rise speeds up. The darkness in the southeast that seemed like a cloud becomes less definite and soon the sky above us is also darkening quickly. Then, mysteriously, the first stars appear and nautical twilight has begun. Looking behind us, at the sunset, we can see only a glow now.

The guests are mostly American scuba divers, though there are sometimes a few Europeans and Canadians, and every late afternoon when the sun nears the horizon, a handful of them gather on a covered patio at the ocean's edge for a ritual I was unprepared for, at least the first time. As the sun began to drop behind the sheer, clean line of the ocean horizon, in the stillness that always fell at that hour during clear evenings, everyone would pause their conversations and lean forward intently, looking at the sinking sun.

S. Naval Observatory's three stages of twilight. I talked to firework technicians and city councilors, to cab drivers and sex trade workers, to police officers and naturalists. I became a student of the night. Acquainted with the Night is a compendium of night, a wide-ranging investigation of all things nocturnal. But at the same time, I hope that it transcends a mere inventory of night's chattels and becomes something more—a tour of the great landmarks of night, an excursion into the exotic, magical, sometimes terrifying, sometimes exhilarating realm of darkness.

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