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1 and I'efl('('tion), Parti(,ularly. ::. md isotropic. For ~uch IlII'bulellce, tile constancy of the two-point. he Ililid "olume' being considt"red_ Fol' ClII isotropiC'" now. I,he ('ol'relation ('oemdent. ; motiOIl (11)(' Reynolds eqllation~). Sudl e

I. Basic Information from Aerodynamics 3& same order as all tho other foJ'("os (for example. he eqnations of motion. e(1 with a pigment ~olHhl& in the fluid. It is obvioHs that 111(' pigment diffll:-iel< inlo Uw nuid and is simultaneously carried downstream. Con:;:eqnently. t'ning downstrctlm. lnry Inyer. :; region leaves the surface in the form of n coloured wake (see Fig. ~a). r is cOlllpfll'ati\'rly:;:mall, whereas in a laminar flow this differenco may be very significant. J\('cordillg to theoretical and rxpe-l'imental investigationf-;.

O(l. \'1l8mic foree" and the tlppearin~ pitching Illoment ahoul the ('entre of lIlass. ie,~ of a ('raft a(:cording to the aerodynamic c('JllI'e location. 'idcr an asymmetric airfoil and e,·[lluate the moment J/zl! Iw (",hortl of the airfoil, II follows from Fig', '1,3,50 HUtt C. 1 .... 17) where m t () is the coeffident of the moment about a point 011 the leT'~~g s:~~da~~':n=i~ ~~~f:1~j3:~termines the increment of the moment associated with a change in the normal-force coefficient. If we choose the point Fa, on a chord whose coordinate XII = XF.

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