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System Analysis Clearly a data analysis system of the type under discussion is capable of being used as a direct on-line system analyser. 1. Transfer Function Analysis. 2. Automatic System Analysis. 3. Automatic Frequency Tracking. 1. Transfer Function Analysis. The basic configuration of the analyser in the Transfer Function Mode is shown in Fig. 13 which operates in a very similar manner to the cross-correlation analyser. As an example of the system in THE A N A L Y S I S OF R A N D O M 49 SIGNALS operation in this mode the characteristics of the simple circuit of Fig.

Cross-correlation analyser. 2H 300 FIG. 12a. 400 500 600 Frequency, cps 700 power spectral density of exciting force at point B. and are correctly phase referenced to each other. The multipliers and squaring units are high-grade instruments and smoothing is by conventional R C opera­ tional network. Very often it is suggested that ^ ( ω ) may be obtained as a direct output. In the experience of the authors this is not a practical proposition 47 THE A N A L Y S I S OF R A N D O M S I G N A L S in many cases, since the denominator has the nasty habit of going to zero with the usual attendant difficulties.

M. STONE English Electric Mechanical Engineering Labratory THE data analysis facility described in this paper has been designed to satisfy the needs of the English Electric Co. Ltd. in the fields of fundamental research and major power plant design and commissioning. It has become very clear that with the present trend to higher unit capacity of power plants, extensive investigations are necessary at the commissioning stage to provide the back­ ground data necessary for the improvement and assessment of designs.

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