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By Mir Bahmanyar

Following the Soviet invasion in 1979, the Mujahideen defenders of Afghanistan constructed and bolstered many normal cave platforms to take advantage of as offer bases and protecting positions. The Taliban and Al Qaeda additional built those positions through the Nineteen Nineties. Following the occasions of September eleven, 2001, those cave structures have once again come to prominence and websites akin to Tora Bora ("Black Dust," a chain of person caves) and Zhawar Kili (a huge advanced in japanese Afghanistan) have featured in information headlines all over the world. This identify presents a close research and visible documentation of those caves and underground structures. It additionally discusses the Coalition's tactical method of dislodging the enemy from those fortified positions.

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This assistance included 600 Russian-built Molotova trucks, packed with weapons. The French ceaselessly bombed the huge convoy along the 450 kilometers of semi-passable road to the front, but without detecting its surprise content of heavy guns. Traveling from China on one truck as far as Wilfred Ho Chi Minh's headquarters, London Daily Express found Ho Chi Minh though otherwise unchanged. ' Minh Burchett, the only Western journalist to report from the Viet side (which he would continue to do), found Ho's headquarters after several miles walk through the jungle: 'It was completely safe from air observation.

He was born in 1912 in the village of An-Xa in Quang-Bing Province, just north of the 17th Parallel (to become the Partition Line), where life was always hardest. He was the product of a poor but scholarly father who had participated in the last me. He inquired after he would have major rebellion of 1888 - and of the hard rice-lands he determination to pay his way practiced history long before he taught colonial party. tilled in his to the distant university of Hanoi. But he At eighteen he was it there.

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