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Our commence Exploring™ introductory texts, awarded in coloring-book shape, are loved by way of adults in addition to young children. they supply extraordinary introductions to advanced matters in an easy obtainable method.

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Unlike Albertosaurus, its eyes were directed forward to allow for stereo vision and better depth perception. Paper-thin sheets of bone in its inner snout wall suggest that it had an acute sense of smell, like dogs. Nanotyranus's inner ear bones were surrounded by air chambers used to increase hearing sensitivity to low-frequency sounds, and its cheekbones had grooves, indicating that its ears pointed forward for stereo hearing. Small teeth indicate that it had a delicate bite, suitable for attacking small animals weighing no more than 60 pounds.

Its head was more than 4 feet long, and its huge mouth was lined with serrated teeth the size of steak knives. Though its forelimbs were less than 3 feet long, each limb could lift about 450 pounds! Some paleontologists believe that Tyrannosaurus was an active hunter, able to run nearly 40 miles per hour. Others, however, believe that this Page 43 Page 44 massive animal was really a scavenger, feeding off already dead animals. Still others suggest that it was both, hunting when it was younger and smaller, scavenging when it grew older and larger.

That explains how we know about these remarkable creatures. Here's some of what we know. Page 15 Page 16 The Dinosaur World: The Mesozoic Era The dinosaurs lived during "middle life"the Mesozoic Era, a period of time that lasted from about 248 million years to 64 million years ago. " The geography of Earth in the Mesozoic Era was very different from that of today. During this era, the world's present-day continents were all a part of one huge supercontinent called Pangaea. Moving on great sheets of Earth's crust called tectonic plates and floating on magma heated by the Earth's core, the continents broke apart, shifting a few inches each Mesozoic year to where they are today.

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