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Airframe Structural Design: Practical Design Information and Data on Aircraft Structures (1st edition)

This ebook represents a number of many years of information assortment, study, conversations with assorted airframe experts, plus the author's greater than twenty years' adventure in airframe structural layout. From structural perspective, the publication is meant for use as a device to aid in achieving structural integrity in accordance with executive laws, standards, standards, and so forth.

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Douglas B-66 Destroyer [Aerofax Minigraph 19] КНИГИ ;ВОЕННАЯ ИСТОРИЯ Название: Douglas B-66 DestroyerАвтор: Rene Francillon and Mick Roth Серия: Aerofax Minigraph 19 Год издания: 1988 Издательство: Midland Counties guides ISBN: 0-942548-38-8 Страниц:48 Формат: PDF в rar Язык: английский Размер: 24.

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Thus, a microwave image of a point target can be obtained directly owing to the focusing properties of a Fresnel zone plate. 3 The holographic approach to signal recording and processing in SAR: 1 – recording of a 1D Fraunhofer or Fresnel diffraction pattern of target field in the form of a transparency (azimuthal recording of a 1D microwave hologram), 2 – 1D Fourier or Fresnel transformation, 3 – display necessary only to compensate for various distortions inherent in SAR; anamorphism and the difference in the azimuth and range scale factors.

Today there are two basic methods of aperture synthesis – direct and inverse. Direct synthesis can be made by scanning a relatively stationary target by a real antenna (Fig. 2(a)). The target is on the earth surface and the antenna is located on an aircraft. Radar systems with direct antenna synthesis are known as side-looking synthetic aperture radars (SARs). The authors of Reference 85 have suggested for them the term quasi-holographic radars (Chapter 3). 2 Schematic illustrations of aperture synthesis techniques: (a) direct synthesis implemented in SAR, (b) inverse synthesis for a target moving in a straight line and (c) inverse synthesis for a rotating target known as inverse synthetic aperture radars (ISARs) (Fig.

The restrictions on the time intervals of coherent processing were formulated by D. A. Ausherman et al. [13]. Any attempt to overcome these restrictions leads to displacement of individual scatterer images into adjacent resolution elements and, hence, to the image degradation. The range-Doppler algorithm has been used in SAR for microwave imaging of aircraft [8]. Preliminarily, the radial movement of the target is compensated for in all range channels. The development of new processing algorithms based on larger angle steps required the use of spherical coordinates (polar coordinates in the 2D case) instead of the Cartesian coordinates of the range–cross range type.

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