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By Roscoe Pound

This criminal consultant is a written model of lectures brought prior to the legislations institution of Yale collage as Storrs Lectures within the tuition 12 months 1921-1922.

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Because trick’. Reason and Professional Ethics 44 Inference Word Insertion As the name suggests, with inference word insertion, one plays around with inserting inference words. Remember that we had two groups of them, one, if you like, the reverse direction of the other. I will use ‘because’ from one group and ‘so’ from the other. The idea is to shove one inference word and then the other (in turn) between the two propositions and see if either of them fits so that the resulting sentence ‘scans’.

Now remove a teaspoonful of the cup’s contents. The teaspoon will contain both sand and pepper. Each retains its own separate identity (the sand is still just sand, the pepper is still just pepper) it is just that various bits of each are present in the teaspoon. Ditto with our proposition types. Sometimes more than one proposition is present in the same sentence. And on some such occasions one of the propositions is a moral proposition and another is a descriptive proposition. So, upon examining such a sentence you would be in error to just say: ‘It is a moral proposition’ or: ‘It is a descriptive proposition’ because it is more than that, it contains both of them at once.

It is sometimes right for police officers to use their discretion in deciding whether to enforce the law’. ‘It is more important that social workers act as advocates for their clients than that they enforce petty bureaucratic rules’. And so on. At this stage, you should be attuned to the presence of the clue words that suggest that you have moral propositions here. And, having noted that that is what they are, you will perhaps find that some such propositions of an ethical sort concerning professional life you agree with, that you disagree with others, are ‘in two minds’ concerning the merits of some others and find some too vague to know what to say unless they are clarified a bit.

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