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Children can test their hand at re-creating old Israelite culture—along with the cultures in their associates, the Philistines and Phoenicians—in a manner that may supply standpoint on present occasions. The e-book covers a key interval from the Israelites’ cost in Canaan in 1200 B.C.E. to their go back from exile in Babylonia in 538 B.C.E. This a part of the center East—no better than modern day Michigan—was the birthplace of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. greater than 35 initiatives contain stomping grapes into juice, development a version Phoenician buying and selling send, creating a Philistine headdress, and writing on a damaged clay pot. Israelites', Phoenicians', and Philistines' writing and languages, the best way they equipped their houses, the foodstuff they ate, the garments they wore, and the paintings they did, and naturally, their many attention-grabbing tales, are all explored.

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What if you’re sick and need extra heat and food, and your fire goes out? Should you milk animals on the Sabbath? ) Keeping the Sabbath meant planning for all these possibilities. People were allowed to care for babies, serve meals, and milk animals. Still, the Sabbath was mostly a time for rest. As much as possible, things were done in advance or put off for another day. 44 sacrifices were burned on altars. Four raised corners on the altar, called “horns,” may have helped keep the offering on top.

According to the Bible, all the men from the tribe of Levi, the Levites, had religious jobs. Most were priests’ helpers, while a few were priests. ) Priests interpreted religious law, settled disputes, blessed the Israelites and cursed lawbreakers, and sometimes blew a ram’s horn. Their most important job, however, was offering sacrifices. Priests made sacrifices to God on behalf of the Israelite people or specific individuals. Most often, they offered cattle, goats, sheep, birds, baked goods, incense, or wine.

Adult supervision recommended for mess control. 4 kg) fresh red or purple grapes, seedless is best Clean dishpan or large, deep pot Self-stick label and pen Jar with lid 2 large plastic garbage bags VERY clean feet Damp washcloth and towels Large wire sieve (mesh fine enough to catch grape seeds) or colander lined with 4 layers of cheesecloth Bowl large enough to hold the sieve or colander Funnel Small bowls for drinking 40 Directions Wash your hands and the grapes. Throw away the grape stems and moldy or overripe grapes.

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