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Lewis Henry Morgan studied the yank Indian lifestyle and picked up a major quantity of real fabric at the background of primitive-communal society. all of the conclusions he attracts are in keeping with those evidence; the place he lacks them, he purposes again at the foundation of the knowledge on hand to him. He decided the periodization of primitive society through linking all of the classes with the advance of construction innovations. The “great series of innovations and discoveries;” and the heritage of associations, with each one of its 3 branches — relatives, estate and govt — represent the development made by way of human society from its earliest levels to the start of civilization. Mankind received this development via 'the slow evolution in their psychological and ethical powers via adventure, and in their protracted fight with opposing stumbling blocks whereas profitable their strategy to civilization.'

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Early History of Mankind," p. 181; "Pre-Hlstoric Times," pp. 437, 441, 462, 477, 633, 642. * Lewis and Clarke (1806) found plank in use in houses among the tribes of the Columbia River. , 1814, p. 503. Mr. n Indian houses on Vancouver's Island. "Naturalist $n British, Columbia/' I, 169. ETHNICAL PERIODS 15 ground cavities lined with skin, the boiling being effected with heated stones. 1 Whether the pottery of the aborigines was hardened by fire or cured by the simple process of drying, has been made a question.

V. Middle ism, Status of Barbar- From the Domestication of anon the Eastern hemiin the Western sphere, and from the cultivation of maize and plants by Irrigation, with the use of adobe-brick and imals stone, to etc. VI. Upper Status of Barbarism, From the Invention of the process of Smelting Iron Ore, with the use of iron tools, to etc. VII. Status of Civilization, its From the Invention of a Phonetic Alphabet, with the use of writing, to the present time. Each of these periods has a distinct culture and exhiba mode of life more or less special and peculiar to ETHNICAL PERIODS Jg Itself.

Of genius to have mastered the problem over was dreaming. He produced that wondrous al letters Which in time gave to mankind a writ the means for literary and historical records. "Btrato," Z, * ^ ANCIENT SOCIETY 82 given, perhaps without design, to succeeding generations namely, a remarkably full exposition of the arts, usages, inventions and discoveries, and mode of life of the ancient Greeks. It presents our first comprehensive picture of Aryan society while still in barbarism, showing the progress then made, and of what particulars it consisted.

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