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By Kendra Coulter

Interweaving human-animal stories, hard work theories and examine, and feminist political financial system, Coulter develops a different research of the accomplishments, complexities, difficulties, and chances of multispecies and interspecies labor.

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Veterinary educational programs may formally or informally prepare students for these and other emotional demands of work in the field (Hazel, Signal, and Taylor 2011; Vermilya 2012). In his ethnographic study of a veterinary office, Clinton R. Sanders (2010, 248–9) highlights the emotional dimensions of the work as the most challenging for the veterinary technicians who were the focus of his study, and for himself as a researcher. ” In other words, personal pain results from both seeing animals in distress or at the end of their lives first-hand, and from seeing the effects this has on the people who love the animals.

Bunderson and Jeffery A. ” Particularly for interactive workplaces, a desire to work with animals on a daily basis motivates people to pursue specialized training, or to begin learning about the animals and industry while they are young. Similarly, young people’s demonstrated concern for animals, evident in their compassion for stray or wild animals, and/or in the care they provide for animals can trigger a desire to pursue a career with animals and/or for adults around them to suggest the same.

The total number of wild animals is very hard to determine. The Unites States Department of Agriculture reports that about 9 billion animals are killed annually within US borders, but that figure excludes horses, rabbits, fish, and crustaceans, so the total is much higher (Humane Society of the United States 2014). The numbers climb by tens of billions when considering the global situation. The facilities where animals are sent to be killed have also changed in ways that impact people and labor processes, as well (Lee 2008).

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