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By Priscilla Martin

In this demanding examine Priscilla Martin investigates the topics of girls, intercourse and gender in Chaucer's poetry. She argues convincingly that those are Chaucer's significant topics and that he offers them as a space of human adventure fraught with difficulties. girls, rather than generating texts and meanings themselves, are trapped within the books and meanings of others, and so the Madonna and the courtly heroine, the nun and the spouse, are widespread yet questionable photos of developed femininity. ' clever, delicate, clean and shut studying which focuses upon Chaucer's girls ... unconventional and sophisticated' - John J.McGavin, instances greater schooling Supplement

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He composed love songs but was 100 terrified to reveal his feelings to her. But, if he did not tell her, he thought he would die. Finally he reflected that Nature never endowed a creature with such beauty without adding mercy as well. (He was (allowing a tradition which holds that physical beauty embodies spiritual nobility . ) So, almost too nervous to speak, he told her. At first he was too overcome to say more than 'mercy' (1219) but, when his heart returned to him, he begged her to be his lady and promised eternal fidelity.

Thi s may s uggest that women are d epra ved or tha t th e roles a re co ns tricting a nd deform ing. The Prioress is descri bed as ' nat underg rowe' (I 156). Perhaps s he would feel it cramping to compress herself within her role. The Wife of Ba th knows much abou t 'wa ndrynge by the weye' (467), as if s he were stray ing beyond the o utlines o f hers. Behind the nun and the w ife s tand th e archetypal fi g ures of Mary and Eve, mode l and reproach . Between them ma ny contrasts arc impli ed.

It begins with a prayer. The first stanza is Two Misfits: The Nu n and the Wife 35 addressed to the Lord , whose glory is exalted not only by great men but by babes and su cklings, as it will be by the boy in her Tale, li ving and dead . The rest of the Invocation extols th e Virgi n , ' the white lylye fl our I Which that the bar and is a mayde alway' (VII 461-2). In the last lines the speaker casts herself as an infant, 'as a chi ld o f twelf month oold, or lesse, I That can unnethes any word expresse' (484-5), too weak to bear the we ight of praising th e Virg in and needing her guidance in telling the SIOry.

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