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In 1974, the year of L'Arc 58, Lacan starred in a strange and frustrating television programme. The format pretended to be an interview, but Lac an arrogantly eluded the very questions he himself had commanded. Not that there was no correspondence 42 Feminism and Psychoanalysts between question and answer, but Lacan coquettishly avoided any man-to-man confrontation. As the programme opens, Lacan begins: 'I always speak the truth: not the whole truth [pas toute], because one does not succeed at speaking the whole truth' (Televzsion, p.

The first time 'voire' occurs Sheridan translates it as 'or even'. 'Voire' distinguishes between two elements, with the implication that the one introduced by 'voire' is similar to the one preceding it, but more far-fetched. In this case if castration is a contradictory way for man to assume his sex, it is OJ Phalb"c Proportz"ons: Lacam(m Conceit 25 even more far-fetched in relation to woman. Besides losing the repetition of 'voire', Sheridan condenses the 'threat' and the 'privation' into the 'threat of privation'.

4 Irigaray suggests that the risk ('it would be too risky') is avoided by 'this cloak of the law with which he covers his desire, and his sex organ [son sexe]' (Speculum, p. 42). In the place of Father Freud's prick, we have his phallocentrism: the normative law that denies the desire it cloaks (protects and covers). Irigaray's reading of Freud would uncloak that desire. Her rape of the Father (as aggressive and admiring as any rape) is thoroughly Lacanian. The inquiry into Freud's phallocentric cloak reveals Lacan's prick.

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