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The standard tools available to Allies and partners—the Planning and Review Process (PARP); Membership Action Plan (MAP); the Individual Partnership Action Plan (I–PAP); the PAP–T; and the PAP–DIB—could be brought under the umbrella of the Black Sea Group. The group could also serve as a forum where the Black Sea states could take the lead in developing a regional strategy for the Alliance. A further sign of the Alliance‘s interest in the Black Sea region and tangible proof of its commitment to it would be the endowment of a trust fund to support regional cooperation and PFP activities focused on the Black Sea region.

This factor suggests that new forms of cooperation should be tailored to take advantage of opportunities to mediate or resolve 34 Eugene B. Rumer and Jeffrey Simon problems. Finally, any regional cooperation must be (and perceived as) locally developed and owned and not imposed from the outside. This last factor may be the more challenging for NATO, since the Alliance will have to consider ways and means of deflecting reactions by some who will portray its involvement in the Black Sea region in precisely those terms.

One of the key preconditions for a successful Black Sea strategy for the Alliance entails developing a sense of ownership of that strategy among the Black Sea states themselves. This is crucial for the success of BLACKSEAFOR, Black Sea Harmony, as well as NATO‘s ability to integrate these regional efforts with its own Active Endeavor. The task of developing such a sense of ownership on the part of the Black Sea states, however, represents a serious challenge for the Alliance. The chief reason for it is in the 38 Eugene B.

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